...Balanced Mind, Body, Spirit 

Alyssa has been my weekly massage therapist over a period of six years and I truly benefited from and enjoyed her great services. She's very professional and excellent at deep tissue massage. I highly recommend her for these services.
-R. C. Barnes
For the past 10 years I have trusted Alyssa to provide the right massage to relieve muscle strains and to bring a feeling of well-being to my life. My drive from Hendersonville, NC to Greenville, SC for my monthly massage is time well spent!
No matter whether you get a massage because of an injury or just for relaxation, Alyssa finds those pesky little tight muscles, fixes them and afterwards....bliss!
With years of experiencing massages, I can whole-heartedly endorse Alyssa's services as being exceptional. Her massages allow me to continue working in a very physically demanding job and recover from back and shoulder injuries over the past 7 years. She expertly tailors her services to the needs of individual clients.
-Lorie H.

I have gone to Alyssa for massage therapy and energy work for the past few years. My husband and I had moved to a new house and while in the process of settling in, found ourselves feeling as if the house was extremely "busy". We would get up and check the door, the animals would jump suddenly and not want to be in certain parts of the house.

I asked Alyssa if she would perform a house clearing. The result was amazing. Within a few hours the "busyness" was gone, we no longer heard sounds at the front door and the animals were settled and calm. In fact, we have said it would make a wonderful housewarming gift!

-Georgana Pryce
Massage helps me manage chronic pain in my neck and shoulders and Alyssa has been keeping my muscles loose since 2006. The hot stones she uses during the massage are an added bonus and fabulously warm, soothing, and therapeutic. When she became certified in the Healing Touch technique, I asked her to incorporate it into my massage session. Her energy field is phenomenal and I find the energy work very cleansing and invigorating. I leave a 90-minute session of Healing Touch and massage feeling relaxed, refreshed, and balanced....that 'ahhhh' feeling. I would highly recommend Alyssa for either massage or energy work. Her techniques are very effective.
-Carin R.