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Not every massage therapist is created equal. Many massage therapists simply give relaxing massages and don't know how to help people with real pain issues.

When you have a muscle spasm from lifting something heavy, have a sports related injury, or are recovering from a car accident or surgery, you want a therapist who knows what she's doing!

pain 1Alyssa has specialized in helping clients with acute and chronic pain since 2002. In many cases, clients complain of not receiving relief from chiropractors, other therapists, or even medical doctors. They don't realize the difference a properly trained massage therapist can make.

"I had a client suffering from hip pain that said she wished she had saved the $500 co-pay on an MRI and come to me first, because after two sessions she was out of pain," Alyssa recalls. "When a client walks into my office and tells me what's bothering them, I become a 'muscle detective.' I want to discover where the pain or discomfort is really coming from, and many times it is referred pain or perhaps some muscles are too weak. I let the client know what I've found and how they can help in their own recovery by demonstrating stretches and correct posture."

When clients receive regular therapeutic massage (at least one session per month) they can almost always see a marked difference in how their bodies feel. Improve your quality of life with therapeutic massage. Take care of your body so it lasts a lifetime.

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