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Alyssa describes paranormal activity in the home; clearing unwanted visitors and negative energy:

People have approached me and told me they feel like they are being "watched" by someone in their bedroom. Some have mentioned all the baby's toys going off at once. They hear footsteps upstairs when there is no one else in the house. Cabinet doors open and close. When a person leaves this world, sometimes they don't know where to go, or they are attached to the land or house. These lost souls (ghosts) need help finding their way Home. As a shaman in several of my lifetimes, I can and have helped move these ghosts from clients' homes and successfully sent them to the angels. My clients report no more noises following a house clearing, and no more "presence".

While doing a house clearing, I dissolve detrimental earth energy lines and also clear bad energy (emotional imprints) off of antiques. These energy lines are everywhere, and in nature they help compost everything living in their path. If we humans sit or lie in these lines for extended periods, we can get sick. There appears to be a strong correlation of these detrimental energy lines and CANCER. Plants and fish will do poorly and even die in these lines. Children will naturally avoid sitting or lying in these energy lines, instead crawling to one corner or side of their beds to sleep. If you are sleeping with your head in a line, you may be experiencing issues with your head. Furthermore, ghosts like to travel on these energy lines and use them like highways.

One common reason why people call me in to clear a house is that they are having trouble selling their home. When a potential buyer views a house for sale, they pick up on the energy of the home. They may not realize it, or be able to articulate it, but if the house has ghosts or someone was sick or died in the house, they will pick up on that and move on. I have seen it happen time and time again. Proof of that is the houses I have cleared sold quickly afterward. It is also ideal to have a house clearing when moving into a new home. Start fresh with peace of mind that you and your family are safe and won't get sick after moving in!

Feel free to call and discuss your particular situation with me. I'm happy to help!