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Massage Therapy at Balanced Bodywork

Not every massage therapist is created equal. When you have chronic pain, or have a muscle spasm from working in the garden or lifting something heavy, you want to go to someone who specializes in muscular pain relief.

Alyssa has specialized in helping clients with acute and chronic pain for 12 years. Many of her clients have been to doctors, chiropractors, and even other massage therapists and received no help for their pain. Alyssa says, "I've had people suffer from the effects of a car accident or other trauma for years, and I've been able to get them out of pain in many instances. I also have clients who no longer suffer from terrible headaches because they come to see me regularly. My number one goal is to improve my clients' quality of life."

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About Healing Touch Therapy and Energy Balancing

Healing Touch is a gentle type of energy balancing that operates in the human energy field around the body.  The practitioner is well trained to use various hand positions to help balance the energies of the body and field.

The result can be a deep feeling of peace, lessened pain, improved digestion, improved healing of wounds, faster recovery from surgery, help with anxiety, depression, grief, and more.

Healing Touch is a complimentary modality to traditional medical approaches and is now instituted in over 100 hospitals nationwide, as well as hospice and nursing homes.

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